Islands of Thailand

Islands of Thailand

Translated by - OMEGA

Thailand is a country on which territory there are hundreds of beautiful islands ( in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea) A curious fact is that all the islands are coastal and there are none, that are far from land. Most of the islands until recently were uninhabited, others are protected as National Parks, but the insatiable desire of tourists to conquer new exotics, forced the Thais to develop their resorts annually and to provide new challenges. The large number of individual islands are shaped like clusters to the main island groups * for example – Phang Nga Bay has 67 islands, Ang Thong National Park has 42 islands).


The typical Thai word for island is “Ko”, which is seen in the imposed name of all the islands there.


Which island to chose for your travelling to Thailand? The answer to this question lies in your personal mood. If your aim is the active night life and entertainments, then you are obligatory to chose some of the following offers – Pattaya ( on the North), Koh Phangan ( Full Moon parties) Patong ( on South, in Puket), if you wish to surf, to dive or do kayaking – ( there is a link in water sports)!


If you wish to rest far away from all the noise – Koh Lope, Koh Lanta, BangTao, Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Chang, Kata beach, Surin Beach, Mai Kao Beach, Kamala Beach, Karon Beach


If you want to enjoy traditional Thai massages and other capturing food - wherever you go, each resort will offer you unexpected bliss!  


You are looking for beautiful Thais - um ... they are everywhere, it is important to know that even if you don’t find them ... they will find you!


Everything else you can do on the islands of Thailand - climbing, walking along the beach, mountain bike tours, water motor sports, golf!


The green waters and white sands ... they conquer the eye ... forever!