Journey To Paradise (Thailand)

Journey To Paradise (Thailand)
Picture of - Biser Kunchev (Bulgaria)
More than 1 year brewing idea of ​​a trip to Thailand. I admit I felt a little scared by several factors - earthquakes and tsunamis in the area, maybe from the long flight . Fell great wonder , did not know if I'll even get money .
In the end, we decided a group of friends (all male company ) to leave in March, 2012 . Kept airline tickets, hotels, everything absolutely alone, after much digging in search of the best conditions .
The day "X" come fly with Aeroflot via Moscow to Bangkok , then we had domestic flights with Air Asia to Phuket and back.
Great flying, great thing we felt that live in the sky :) not counting the times, we had about 3 hours to Moscow and 9-10 hours to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok !
Going down there, the first thing we found is very beautiful airport " SubvarnaBhumi " and unique many people who came from different parts of the world . I've seen people of different races , different traditional costumes and whatnot ..
We got our luggage (I recommend the airport in your country to pack your bags with nylon to no access to any content ) , look for the taxi and the first thing that went through our mind is - who will now lie with the price :) after a brief consultation with people at the airport with us they repair a note waiting for a taxi, which will not lie. Ok, got in and found that the road is super long ( about an hour ) and the congestion in the city center were brutal . Cars , tuk-tuk and motorcycles drove like crazy and no one complied with anyone.
Slowly we reached the hotel and the road is initially oriented in a unique crazy , which at first we saw cruel , until we saw her genuine charm.
It was afternoon when crushed by the way we slept in at 9 pm . Once we woke up we went for a walk to see where we are and what's going on around. As already shared above madhouse was unique in the streets , the smell of street food prepared by all sorts of meats and vegetables, fresh juices and fruits prevailed , and the gap with people was difficult. Hundreds of stalls selling anything , even a long series of sellers of Viagra , Levitra , etc., which surprised us , but it was obviously something quite normal for this destination, in which sex is a way of living.
Series of sorts fakes flooded the streets , but it turned out normal and there is no law to chase them , on the contrary , seems to be supported .
After some looking around we sat in a local pub where we tried traditional hot soup , rice with seafood, beer singles.
Our prices seemed super normal , even cheap . Foreigners in restaurants majority were everywhere. After we ate , we decided to take a ride for 1st time here and here ... while oriented more reliable appearance uncle , then on our way and we pulled offered to sell us chicken milk , which is often tedious but then summon and not interfere . We chose a tuk-tuk and headed in the vague direction , yet to walk , yet to look at the situation. We were warned that taxis (cars across the range of colors ) will be cheaper when you get them in advance to put the camera , but we as barovtsi took tuk-tuk , which was not only experience the 1st time but has also become our main transportation, albeit far more expensive . We learned to trade with uncles while we think we know where we're going and how far and this gives us the confidence to negotiate better prices :)
As for the end of the night we decided to try the famous Thai massage, which cost only ... 8 euro per hour, and the feeling is incomparable . For comparison, in Bulgaria like us caress out there with the wrestling holds , knees , elbows and head tore us so we were a doctor :) We thought beforehand that not every massage parlor with a happy ending , but I think it turned out that almost all are at the end of the action offered sex services .. at least make us return visits at least to choose carefully the lady who massaged us ... and believe me, talandkite are very beautiful in. .. try ;)
When I woke up in the morning began painstaking organization of our day ... basically we had planned four days in Bangkok and Phuket - 6 , which was scarce. Perhaps the ideal ratio would be - 6/9 days ago ... when fight time away is a nice person to have more time , then that 's sorry and he did not leave.
Anyway - overall we had time to visit a few places not to be missed , namely:
The Royal Palace (mandatory long clothes , otherwise return and considered disrespectful ; Sirocco Restaurant ( 64 floor of the State Tower, the view is memorable , trip by boat along the Chao Phraya River , touring Bangkok , Dusit Zoo , a series of shopping malls with what Do not curious goods and proposals , led by Siam Paragon and MBK ) ... basically we do not have time for the Water Market and did not have time to go to Pattaya as it is about 120 km from Bangkok .
Eateries offering super very very tasty fish , seafood , fruits, juices of papaya , guava , dragon fruit, etc.
Prices are generally cheaper everything , although more expensive each year as the destination has become number 1 in 2013 ..
As infrastructure is very well organized in Bangkok - a must hop on Sky Train ( train above ground level ) , the metro .. that we learned that the subway is mainly used by locals and Sky Train is for foreigners ...
In the daily trips back and forth to see any super beautiful Thais , many smiling locals ... but the old rule you should not pay attention to anyone , no matter what you offer , as everyone wants to make money out of your back , sometimes not so much.
Happy enough with the nostalgia of the 4th day we went to Phuket with Air Asia flight and look forward to what we will see and experience there on the ground. We heard all sorts of stories , but wanted to be sure we personally ...
Descending from the airport recorded for the use of bus, which logistically makes us more hotels. We booked a hotel in the middle of the party in Patong where we got about an hour , as it is so close to the airport ... I do not recommend a car or motor bike on the field of people who are not confident that they can handle back of our movement .
The first sight was fuzzy with many bikes , maybe about 600 per hour ... crazy again unique people and movement. On the way to the bus we saw a lot of beautiful scenery . Here we are at the hotel and after a quick left luggage headed for culturing Bangla Road , where the party is non-stop and will not stop.
Bangla roam , we came to the beach, which I immediately went out of sight that the tsunami in 2004 , which took so many lives . Shudder ... all had signs that suggest where to hide in the mountains with new people that ... horror ... well , we learned quickly that there is already a modern notification system for people to evacuate in advance. . yet been horrific ...
Then came the evening and braced for a party , and during that time reserved for the next few days a series of combined trips on the islands , and of course goal number 1 was the top beach in the world - Maya Bay ... along with the Phi Phi Islands and Kai Islands .. .
One idea - rezevirayte late night trips to 7:30 PM THERE time as organized day by day and so at the last moment not to miss tend to 50 % discount ..
Night came and we already captured Tiger Club, a cult place with 16 screen and separate poles for dancing ... fun does not stop and does not know will ever go back ... as well as any ;)
Cups of alcohol is expensive, have high excise better bottles ... and no need to get to know if you are a man with girls ... they seek out with you ..... yet we pay everywhere :) could be heard in Bangla music, noise , crush ...
Here it is already the next day , early in the morning we took from the hotel scheduled for 1st trip to Maya Bay by Speed ​​Boat ... by about 80 kilometers an hour, maybe more now fly to a destination ... more are there ... about an hour fighting the waves and looking for tsunami ;)
MAYA BAY - what can I say , this is paradise , green waters and white sands , it just is not real ... not come here, it has not lived a uniquely beautiful .. and yet how many islands and beaches have in Thailand ... but not us Stina time for more than
Phi Phi Islands and Kai Islands ... one thing is clear , I will walk in Thailand is no wonder people each year go to sea in Thailand ...
Have time to go in another trip and Safari Island ... Ride an elephant , monkeys we threw bottles of mineral water , huge oxen looked at us suspiciously ;)
There is no such experience ... The next day we visited the Prom Five top sunset passing through Kata Beach , Surin Beach in ... already made ​​plans for the next visit to Thailand ... there is so much to see ...
I almost forgot one story in which 2,5 euros tip in restaurants where 6,25 euros per kilogram squid ate it for this tip the next day we installed the table on the beach , the service and food were bonuses as a King Thailand ... at all lev 1 above did miracles ... miracles that I would rather not touch it ... magic THAILAND .. wish it to you ...