Thai food and restaurants

Thai food and restaurants

Translated by - OMEGA

The abundance of food in Thailand is so great that you can live there for a long time and you do not have to repeat the same dish. And all this while not encounter

favorite dishes, which then does not want to change. At any point of Thailand you are, you will always find unique dishes.

Regardless of location and hotel selected, the quality of food in nearby restaurants (as long as they are  clean and tidy) will be good because their certificates are approved and considered with the highest level and with the necessary requirements.

It is recommended to avoid consumption of externally exposed to street food, and unnecessary experiments with different types of food offered. Nutrition for local people is friendly event in which food is usually served in the center of the table and is available for all. It is not uncommon to come across and the more traditional Thai dining on a mat on the floor. Rice is the staple food and faithful companion of every dish served. The good news is that there are a huge variety of types of rice - rice porridge, rice soup, rice juice and fried sticky rice, and type "American" (as hereditary recipe by U.S. soldiers).  From China are introduced the so-called. pasta - noodles (like vermicelli and spaghetti). They also have a variety as rice and often accompany other common types of dishes on the table of the Thais. Usually noodles are  fried with sweet and bitter sauce, egg, tofu and dried shrimp, peanuts and lemon juice. Noodles are cooked in fried state.

In Central Thailand traditional basis for each food is coconut cream and chili paste, and vegetables are added to it, sauces and dried spices to make a curry. Of course, meat is almost mandatory.

Recommended dishes that you can order in Thai restaurants are:


Gai pud med mamuang himapaan (fried chicken and cashew nuts)

- Panang (Thai red curry)

- Tom kar gai (spicy sweet and sour chicken soup)

- Tom yum gung (spicy shrimp soup)

- Yum woon sen (scrambled jelly noodles)


If you are in Northern Thailand, you can try:

- Gang hunglay (stew of pork and ginger)

- Koi soi gai (spicy chicken curry north)

- Nam prik ong (spicy chili paste with pork and tomatoes)


If you are in the Northeast, try:

- Larp (spicy meat)

- Som tam (papaya salad)


 If you are in the South, try:

-          Kow yum (special combination of fish sauce, shrimp, roasted coconut, fruits, vegetables and spices. Serve with a bowl of rice and is recommended to all pulled together)


Mussamein gai (known among Muslims spicy curry made ​​with chicken and potatoes in a thick sauce mussamein. Serve with rice.


Drinks in Thailand - and here the variety of refreshing juice made ​​is impressive. Among the native species alcohol be sure to try Singha beer and wine.

Tourists generally prefer imported alcohol, and local often emulate them to maintain image