Thai fruits and vegetables

Thai fruits and vegetables

Translated by - OMEGA

The variety of fruit is so great that the possibility you have not seen some of them is almost sure. When you visit a local market for fruits and vegetables, it will be wondering

whether to shoot first or experience. The view is beautiful, colorful and unforgettable. After a while nostalgia especially for that part of your stay in Thailand would be great.

Besides the usual banana, coconut, watermelon and pineapple, you must try:

Cantaloop (melon)

- Farlung (guava)

- Malakor (papaya)

- Mang-khut (mangosteen)

- Ngor (rambutan)

- Som-oh (pomelo)

- Lumyai (Longgang)

- Ma muang (mango)

- Toorian (durian)


Much of the dishes in Thailand, use a variety of herbs, leaves and spices. In almost every Thai soup enjoy are used leaves that are found west very rarely, namely (bai makrut), with a characteristic flavor of kaffir lime. Runaway hit among Thai vegetables are hot peppers. If you come as a guest in a Thai family, the pungent will be obligatory on the  table.

The other Thai vegetables, which are used in local dishes are:

- Thua fak yao (snake beans)

- Thua ngok (bean sprouts)

- No mai (bamboo)

- Hōrapha (Thai basil)