Translated by - OMEGA  

Looking at Southeast Asia, we could say, that Thailand is the only country thathas never been colonized. In there we do not witness any races conflicts nor seditions, which speaking for this part of the world is unbelievable. Literally translated Thailand means “Land of the free ones”!

The country had been occupied by the Japanese for a short time during the Second World War and undergoes temporarily invasion by the Burmese Khmer, but the pride and the independence of the people is obvious and they have the absolute right to feel exactly in this way! There is no negativity towards foreigners, but rather one can feel real generosity and hospitality. In the eyes of the most tourists in this exotic country, the local people are appeasable and interesting.  Nevertheless of these facts,the Thais want to keep their identity and uniqueness. As a result of this a curious combination comes up formed from era of the modernity and the antiquity of Thai culture. Generally said, is that the traditions don’t retreat to the new times.          

Bangkok  is the biggest town and the capital city of Thailand, where the collision of the western culture with the eastern features is explosive. “Bangkok  is the most charming mess of people”, this is an indisputable fact, which despite the initial stress of the tourist stepping on Thai land,turns into the most nostalgic message, which we transfer into the country we live in. Bangkok  is a mixture of unique traffic jams, high buildings, crowds and super active night live, that is a place where one could be persuaded to buy for souvenir the most unexpected present.

Where else can you see modern Buddhist monks to travel in sky-train, elephants to cross the your way at the thoroughfare, where the last model of Mercedes makes a way to them , taxies in different colours and the indisputable hit, namely the tricycles Tuk-Tuk, on which you should obligatory get on. There are at each corner temples, which are even more immerging you  in a majestic fairy tale, about which later you will have a lot to speak about. Definitely the religion in the face of Buddhism will meet you everywhere in your transition, it is a different feeling,  worth to be seen and felt. In the unique diversity of natural recourses, comfortable transport, architecture, religion , History, and not on last place you will enjoy the diverse and tasty Thai cuisine.  

If you have not yet seen all this and have not convinced yourself in the mentioned above, do not doubt too much, since undoubtedly the feeling is awesome and unique!