The festivals in Thailand

The festivals in Thailand

Translated by - OMEGA


There is not a daythat passes without some village in Thailand (city or town) to celebrated. We  will list some of their main festivals:


-          Memorial Fair ”Don Chedi” (Supanburi) – a week-long festival, the time when celebrated the victory of prince Naresunate over the Burmese (at the end of January)

-          Festival in honor of King Mengray (Chiang Rai)– Parade, light and sound show  at the end of January)

-          Festival Nakon Panom Param Panom – a week – long festival (at the end of January)


-          Chinese New Year– it is celebrated in the whole country.  The most complete picture of the celebration is gained at places with  predominating Chinese population  (for example – Nakon Sauan)

-          Flowers’ festival (Chiang Mai) –it is celebrated with huge processions,  beauty contests and moving platformswith figures (in early February)

-          Makha Pudzha –it is celebrated in the whole country. A procession with candles around the main Buddhist Temples( at full moon in February)


-          Fair Uat Pra BudapatŃ‚ (Saraburi) –in honor of the giant footprint of Buddha’s foot, a flow of thousand  pilgrims goes to the small town (in early March)

-          Festival  “The singing pigeons” (Yala) – Exhibitions and competitions of singing birds  (in the middle of March)

-          Fair Tao Suranari (Nakon Rachasima) –because of the courage and of opposition against the Laotian troops during the siege of Vientiane is  celebrated a military hero (in late March)April:

-          Pattaya Festival –large – week festival in Pattaya, with cultural and hedonistic events (in early April)

-          Songkran – it is celebrated in the whole country. This the Thailand’s New Year, it is know as “Water festival”. As a good cure in the hot days, everybody is making wet friends and relatives by any means of entertainment * between 11 and 15 April)

-          Ordination Si Sachanalai- Following a very colorful parade, young Buddhist monks devote themselves to the rank (in late April)


-          - Royal ceremonyof sowing (Bangkok)– Hindu ceremony annually held at Sanam Luang as the year for the farmers to be  controversial  (in early May)

-          Visaka Pudzha – it is celebrated in the whole country. Main Buddha’s fest for the labor, the death and Buddha's enlightenment , accompanied by candlelight processions around the temples (in early May)

-          Festival of rockets – celebrated all over North Thailand. Targeting at rain,rockets are fired in the air (in mid May)



-          Festival of the candles (Ubon Rachatani) – A huge parade with over 100 colourful moving platforms, dance performances, traditional music from Isan (in the mid July)

-          Khao Pamsa – celebrated in the whole country. An important celebration , on which the youngsters accept Buddhism in the beginning of the rainy season(in the mid July)

-          Asana Pudzha – the first  sermon of the Buddha is celebrated  in temples throughout the country (during the full moon in July )



-          - Boat races Piccini (Piccini) – regattas- tailed boats are held at the height of the rainy season (in early September)

- Fair Naratiuat (Naratiuat) - a week-long Muslim festival of boat races, singing pigeons and demonstrations of traditional martial arts (in late September)


-          - Vegetarian Festival in Phuket - great Chinese festival parade, Chinese cultural performances and shows of young people piercing their bodies with needles, knives and blades (in late September, early October)

- Festival of wax candles (Sakhon Nakhon) - End of Buddhist Lent and the rainy season is celebrated with boat races, moving platforms, huge selection of candles and beauty queen (mid-October)


-          - Loy Kratong - celebrated throughout the country. During thewhole  day there are parades, beauty contests  and evening celebrations of ancient water spirit Mae Kong Ka (mid-November)

-          - Fair Wat Saket (Bangkok) - The largest city fair with folk dancing and drama, modern entertainment and a candlelight procession around the Golden Mount of Wat Saket (mid-November)

-          - Historic River Kwai week -a week festival in honor of the events of the Second World War, with exhibitions, memorial celebrations and sound and light show over the famous bridge (end of November)

- Elephant Festival in Surin - The famous animal and national symbol of Thailand is honored with a mock hunting, rodeo and polo with elephants to entertain huge audiences (end of November)


-          The King’s birth day (Bangkok) – King Bumibol Adulyadei is honored by a in Rachadamnoen Klang Avenue (December 5)

-          Winter fair Chiang Mai – A large festival with cultural events, beauty contests and a parade (in late December)