The Thais and the tourists

The Thais and the tourists

Translated by - OMEGA 


There will be no mistake if we call the Thailand – “The country of the smiles”.  There is no tourist thatis not overwhelmed by them and has not noticed them. Behind every smile there is not only positivism, but the Thai are also artfully hiding any kind of negativity as well, presenting it in a positive aspect.All this is a result of their conciliatory and of their wish to be useful to the others,sincerely believing, that there is always what to help with. Definitely the Thais have the ability to entertain and they have the skills to entertain the tourists as well, even though quite often  just being  a commercial aim.  Every kind of activity in Thailand is been performed with a great deal of fun, otherwise...nothing is going to be accomplished. Oh, yes they do like to flirt with everybody, sometimes playing “tricks”, but it is more that certain, they have a serious vision over their own life and development. 

In general the Thais do their best to avoid conflicts, their smile actually is always predisposing towards solving any kind of problem in a positive way.  The self-esteem is their serious insurance for everything, they do and speak.   The Buddhism extremely helps for gaining the self-esteem, about which speaks the fact,that they have impartial view over the life problems and have a lack of reprehensible behaviour towards a number of human weaknesses. The Buddhism is aiming at the calmness, the respect, and the sophistication.

There is a social system, in which the social level is defined by several factors – wealth, professional position, age, the personal and political power, religion, and the merit towards it. There is no equality in Thailand, which is due to the firm division of the levels in the society. The higher social position always takes preponderance and leads to respect amongst the others. Somewhere here interferes the generosity,by which the patrons donate the patronized. The loyalty has always been rewarded and respected. The quicker the Thais realize where their real place in this hierarchy is, the quicker they are going to integrate in the society and are going to be useful for themselves and for the others. In this respect the tourists immediately take high position in this social ladder, and arepleasantly surprised by the hospitality, the warmth, and generosity of their hosts. When you are been respected,you should respect as well – that is their real attitude towards the tourists. From their side, the tourists are to be amassed at all this behaviour,whichautomatically will witness the respect that they would not have even expected.

When the tourists are greeted with the polite and traditional Thai greeting by bowing the head and cohesion of hands, it is not needed to answer in same way; a polite nod with your head is enough. Quite often the tourists are surprised by the traditional western shaking of hands done by the locals. The Thai turn to each other by first names, so do not be surprised if that happens with you too. That is the perfect moment for breaking the ice and making friends.