The Thais and their free time

The Thais and their free time

Translated by - OMEGA


When planning your first trip to Thailand, usuallythe first selected stop is Bangkok , the capital of this exotic country. When you find yourself there, your first and last impressions are often of great amplitude. Initiallythat is the  disappointmentfrom  the smell , the amount of people , heavy traffic all that will set a negativefeeling , but believe us, finally your feeling will be completely different and positive . " There is no more charming madness of Bangkok " , this is the conclusion that will outline by every following day spent in the capital of the " Land of Smiles " . All this will be a fact , when you findout that the  unique mix of palaces and temples, impressive and vibrant nightlife , many modern office buildings and hotels, well organized and modern infrastructure, crossing the street elephants , the main waterway of the city ( Chao Phraya River ) interesting museums , colorful taxis and tuk-tuk tricycles and whatnot ..

Going through Bangkok , the next stop would be the province of Thailand ,in  which you will dive into history –long time  extinct empires and their ancient cities , temples fascinate with their style of construction and their sculpted architectural forms , hundreds boats filled with of fruits and various commodities, wonderfully decorated elephants, the succulent  rice fields, coconut palms and rubber plant trees , varied flora and fauna. Here the most memorable event is Loy Kratong festival , held in late November and marking the end of the rainy season and the Buddhist Lent , when Thais revere their waterways and indulge in celebration on the occasion of the successful harvest.

In Central Thailand, known for its rich fertile plains are ancient cities - Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, where youwill feel  the strong connections of modern Thailand with the remnants of past dynasties.

Near Bangkok, at about two hours away,is found the resort is located Pattaya and immediately next to it - the second in size island in Thailand -  Chang island, which turns into a powerful tourist destination, which is to be visited.

Well, there is no way not to be mentioned and southern Thailand, where the beaches around Phuket are so compelling with its green waters and white sands, delicious local cuisine, nightly entertainment andadditional  extras that you will not regret for a minute that you had a chance to get into the paradise of the world.