Transport of Thailand

Transport of Thailand

Translated by - OMEGA


Transportation options inside Thailand are numerous and depend on your desire and your free time.

- Aircraft - are over 20 domestic airports in Thailand which are served by several air lines. Most flights are operated by "Thai Airways" and "Bangkok Airways". Bangkok is the starting point for all smaller airports in the country.

- Train - The train offers the most comfortable and enjoyable trip in the country and is a commonly used version of tourists. Ticket prices are reasonable , and the ability to see during the trip inland, makes it desirable way to travel . First Class offers compartments for two in the second also has air conditioning and a third class is better to avoid .

- Bus - was associated with most small towns. When it comes to the passage of shorter distances , buses are the preferred transport, in terms of cost , time, convenience. For longer trips the buses have air conditioning, but this is often not the case for short trips , a fact that you should consider . The new buses , however, offer more features associated with ever - more space between seats , allowing for downloading them perfectly horizontal position without disturbing your neighbor.

- Car and motorcycle - except for the crazy traffic in Bangkok and somewhat in Chiang Mai , Thailand is great for traveling and touring motorcycle or rental car , taking into account the direction of movement, where the steering wheel is on the right . In smaller cities the traffic is not large , there are traffic lights, roads are in excellent condition and the signs are often in English.

- Taxi - in busy tourist areas such as Bangkok , Chiang Mai and Phuket there are plenty of taxis, but in smaller cities are rare . Taxis in Bangkok are obliged to place apparatus and those in Chiang Mai , Koh Samui and Phuket, handle fixed prices distances there. In Bangkok necessarily hop on tricycles Tuk Tuk working on a agreement , but the experience is very memorable  and unforgettable .

- Skaytren ( Bangkok ) - A few years opened rail above ground level in Bangkok . It offers comfort and speed, causing many foreigners prefer it.

- Metro ( Bangkok ) - open every day from 5 in the morning until midnight , trains run every 4-6 minutes.