Water resources of Thailand

Water resources of Thailand

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The nature of Thailand is extremely rich in rivers and waterfalls of all sizes and shapes. There are two major river systems that are distinguished - Chao Phraya and Mekong. These two rivers assist for the active development of the irrigation of the agricultural activity of Thailand. Many river systems and separate rivers flow into the land and boundaries of Thailand; the Mekong Delta is the only one which flows into the South China Sea.


Here are some other interesting attractions that offer Thai rivers:


-           Kok River - one of the most beautiful attractions in Chiang Rai (North Thailand). If you want to ride on boats and rafts, then your first stop is Baan Thathon. The road will take you to the magnificent and beautiful mountains in the area. The average cost of the walk is about 500 baht (€ 13), depending upon the selected number of stops and entertainment. You can stop and take a ride on an elephant to visit and experience the traditions of the popular village of Karen (Karen Village).

-          River Kwai Bridge - if rivers are your passion , you should not miss the most famous attraction in the area of Kanchanaburi , namely – the Bridge on the Kwai River, built by prisoners during World War II under the supervision of Japanese imperialism . The total length of the bridge is 415 kilometers and connects Thailand and Myanmar , built with the idea to ensure the supply of Japanese army during their East - Asian War. The railway has a scary name - Death Railway as during its construction many people have died. Up to nowadays , the bridge is regarded as a symbol of peace, and memories of war are taken as the largest needless to anyone illusion.

-          Pa Phru Ta Pom Khlong Song Nam (Krabi) –this  is the name of the well-known canal, which has two types of water - both freshwater and marine.

-          Maenam Song Si (Ubon Ratchathani) – is known as a double colored river.

Thailand has some very beautiful waterfalls that attract tourists:

Erawan Waterfalls (Kanchanaburi) - the most visited waterfall in Thailand is at 7 levels, located 65 kilometers from Kanchanaburi. There are camping and bungalows.

Ang Phak Nam (Chon Buri) - another big waterfall of Thailand, located 5 levels. For tourists access to it is through the 1.5 kilometer forest, which further diversifies their plan for the day, and at the same time they will witness a rich  flora and fauna

Chat Warin Waterfall (Narathiwat) - here you can see an impressive Bangsun palm, which is a very short tree with a lot of branches that often do it look like more than 3 meters high. It is considered by some experts to be the most beautiful palm in the world. 

Huai Wai Waterfall (Nakhon Ratchasima) - waterfall is famous not for its size, but there is remarkably beautiful scenery to be seen.

Kaeng Song Khon Waterfall (Loei) - you can enjoy the beauty of a rock field, surrounded by beautiful woodland.