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Web site Creator
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Hello ,
My name is Biser Kunchev and nice to meet you. I was born in Bulgaria . I've been working for many years in media , marketing and advertising ! For myself, I'm going to finish here, but to continue this topic .
Perhaps some of you people are asking - why I decided to make a web site for Thailand?
The truth is that after my first visit to Thailand two years ago , I said to myself - "Man if you do not go through life in Thailand , like nothing seen ! "
I was especially impressed by the fact that there are a lot of everything and everyone , ie a wide variety of places to visit , of which each individually loaded and unlocked so many positive emotions. Something else - a man and 10 times to return , there is something new to see.
Nearly a year later, after my first visit to Thailand , I spontaneously began with FACEBOOK page for my favorite destination. 
I decided to create an opportunity for fans of the page to share their personal impressions of their visit in Thailand , sending photos, videos and funny stories (each of you in the present moment can send and share and its funny moments , which we will publish in the heading - " Personal experience ".
Interest FACEBOOK page has become huge and this motivates me to do Web Site, in which to organize a large community of people from around the world with whom to share your favorite moments and help with tips and ideas on our stay in this exotic destination.
Sincerely I am convinced that each of you will support the idea and will allow all again and again to get back mentally in Thailand. Share your perspective on what he saw and experienced in Thailand, through your eyes , together we will enjoy the natural beauty , history, traditions and culture of this fascinating country - Thailand !
Why - Thailand Secrets? (Not found them - to see them, and who saw them - to share )
Send your advices and ideas , we'll look at each of them - http://thailand-secrets.net/contact/index
Thank you!