See the top 20 countries to live, according to fans of Thailand-Secrets!

We deliberately turned off Thailand to understand the fans' moods of one of the biggest facebook pages for Thailand in Europe.

Here are the preferred countries for the living, sorted by the number of votes cast for them:

1. Laos

2. Vietnam

3. Japan

4. Singapore

5. Australia

6. New Zealand

7. Mexico

8. Indonesia

9. Philippines

10. Dubai

11. Italy

12. Switzerland

13. Bulgaria

14. The Netherlands

15. Costa Rica

16. Canada

17. Cuba

18. Colombia

19. Hawaii

20. Poland

We can draw some conclusions from the sample of voters on the Facebook page Thailand-Secrets:

- obviously their desire to live in neighboring countries of Thailand like Laos and Vietnam to be closer to the traditions and culture of their favorite destination. More obviously, they prefer less tourist areas, cheaper food and new challenges.

- The second group of people prefer to live in far more developed and well-established countries such as Japan and Singapore, where people have a higher standard and life is more settled.

- similar to the second group are those in the third group, where the choice is related to the categorical change of the continent and again well-developed countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

- In addition, in the countries up to 20 there are several American states - Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada and Colombia - which totally displaces the Asian fiction and expresses the serious advantage of another continent with radically different culture and traditions.

- Hawaii and Cuba are other exotic representatives in the sample, who represent people's desire for more adventure and natural landmarks.

- among the European representatives in the preferences of the top 20, Bulgaria and Poland, former socialist countries in which there is much to be seen in relation to the past and the present, are the biggest ones.

- no one will be surprised by the choice of living - Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. The first two representatives of the north, the other in the south but still developed European countries.

- Last but not least, the passion for luxury and high standard of Dubai is obvious. It is the only country that is in the top 20 of the Arab community.

Conclusions can be made a lot - standard, culture and traditions, history, food and challenges. Everyone can ponder and alone ... the truth is that traveling around the world is the only cure for the soul.

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