General terms and conditions for using the services provided by

These General terms and conditions govern the relationship between Consumers/ Users of the information platform Thailand - and the owner of the platform, which relation come about in connection with and regarding the viewing of the site , the usage of the services provided by it.

The information platform is possession of THAI Investment„ Ltd, UIC 202778087, office: Sofia – city , Mladost -3 , telephone for contact: +359 887862479


  1. Defining the terminology used in the text of the General terms and conditions:

Informational platform: is a comprehensive product, which gives the possibility to Consumers/ Users to get access to various information by hyperlinks to resources , placed on the server of the owner or on other servers out of the control of the owner;

Website: („website”) it is a special place in the internet, accessible through its unique address (URL) by protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files , programs , text, voice , picture , image or other materials and resources ;

Consumer / user is a natural or legal person registered as such under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, which has registered user / to user profile within the IT platform.

The Consumer’s/User’s profile is a detached part of the website containing information about the Consumer/User, provided by him/her on his/her registration and stored, used and processed by THAI Investment„ Ltd,  solely for the purpose regarding article 4, paragraph 1, point 3 of the Law for protecting personal data. The access to the client’s profile is performed by entering of the Consumer’s/ User’s name (e-mail) and password . The Consumer’s/ User’s profile ensures to the Consumer/ User the possibility to view and edit the data entered on registration at a time , as well as it is ensured to him/her full access to all his/her purchase orders , it provides to the Consumers/ Users opportunity for refusal for receiving messages with informational and advertising purpose and others.


  1. Description

Information platform , found in internet address with domain

, provides to the Consumer/ Users possibility to share impressions exchanging ideas for traveling photos and others, without needing a registration of Consumer’s profile. In the event of wishing to register a profile , the Consumer/ User has to follow the listed below steps, as in case of refusal of this, the Consumer/ User follows only the steps concerning the order.

The site performs contact between the Consumer/ User

  1. ProfileRights and obligations of the Consumer/ User (registered and unregistered)

    The regulations of the current section from these general terms and conditions are applied to Consumers/ Users, for which regarding the data , given on signing the sale contract or on registration in the information platform, can be concluded, that they are Consumer/ User regarding the Law for protecting the Consumers/ Users , Law on electronic commerce in Republic Bulgaria and / or of the Directive 97/7/ЕU of the European parliament and the Council from 20 May 1997 regarding the protection of the Consumer/ User in respect of distance contracts.

  1. Stepс

In the online platform a Consumer/ User profile can create both physical and legal entities, registered as such under current legislation in Republic Bulgaria. So as to be created active Consumer/User, the person has to fill in the existing in the platform for registration form, in it there should be placed valid e-mail addressthree namespostal address fordelivery, telephone and password. The filled in form becomes an e- document according article 3 from the Law of Electronic document and Electronic Signature on registration the Consumer/ User expressly states that he/ she agrees with the current General terms and conditions and according article 3, paragraph 2 from the Law of Electronic document and Electronic Signature the written form is considered as deemed and both contracting parties are bond by it.

When registered in the platform , the Consumer/ User confirms, that the data in the register form is true and do not violate the rights and interests of third parties. 

  1. Rights and obligations of Consumers/Users

А. The Consumer/User is responsible for all his/her activities, which are result of the using of the site through his/her profile, including signed contracts and performed payments. On using the online platform the Consumer/ User are obliged to avoid activities which are breaking the law.

Б. The Consumer/ User is obliged on using the provided to him/her access to the electronic system to observe the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws and the current General terms and conditions. Not to violate foreign property and non-property rights including right of intellectual property ; immediately to inform the site for every case of violation performed or found, not to interfere in the proper operation of the system , including , but not limited, to frustrate the procedure of identification of another Consumer/ User, not to perform access except the provided one, not to impair or impede the availability, the reliability and quality of the granted access, as well as not to use it in a way causing denial of its use. Not to impersonate another person or in any other way to mislead third parties regarding his/her identity or his /her membership to a certain group of people, not to perform malicious actions under the current General terms and conditions.

В. The Consumer/ User cannot retrieve, modify, delete, publish, distribute and to disclose in any other way the information resources which are published on the website, as well as to create his/her own database in electronic or other form of the appurtenant information resources to the databases , placed on the website the explicit permission of THAI Investment „ Ltd

  1. Protection of the personal data

А. „THAI Investment„ Ltd, is registered administrator of personal data under the Law for protection of personal data and must exercise the due diligence and is responsible for the protection of the information for the Consumer/User which became known to to him on the occasion of registration – subject to the current General terms and conditions, except in the force majeure cases, fortuitous event, malicious acts of third parties or by order of state authorities or officials, which according to the current legislation are competent to request and collect such information, within their activity and in compliance with the statutory procedures;

B. In the registration form , filled in by the Consumer/ UserTHAI Investment„ Ltd, indicates the mandatory or voluntary nature of providing the data and the consequences of refusal to provide them . By expressing consent to these General terms and conditions , the Consumer/ User agrees the information about him/her to be handled as the provided therein procedure.

C. The limitation under latter „А” are not applied in the event that the Consumer/User or persons under his/her control have committed malicious acts under the current terms and conditions or have violated the rights or legitimate interests of third parties. In this event THAI Investment„ Ltd, has the right to provide the personal information of the Consumer/ User to the competent state authorities under the existing legislation.

D. With the acceptance ( checking in the check – box “ accept” ) of the current General terms and conditions, the Consumer/ User agrees his/ her personal data to be used by THAI Investment„ Ltdfor identification on the signed contacts, reporting and accounting purposes, statistics analysis and marketing purposes in accordance with article 4 of the Law for protection of personal data

IV. Responsibilities

1. „THAI Investment„ Ltd, does not guarantee for the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any materials contained in the site. All the materials are intended only for information and do not constitute advice.

2. THAI Investment„ Ltd does not guarantee uninterrupted and totally reliable access to the Site and does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage arising as a result of problems accessing the Site.

3. THAI Investment„ Ltd reserves its rights to suspend the Site a t any time without giving reasons for this including but not only limited to updates, upgrades or maintenance as it is not responsible for such suspension .

4. THAI Investment„ Ltd is not responsible for the content of sites accessible via the Website hyperlinks ( references, link) according the Law of electronic commerce.

5. The Copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the material contained on the Site together with its design images and source code , belong to THAI Investment„ Ltd and are protected b the applicable intellectual property national and international legislation as on separate materials all the rights are to the provided them users.

6. THAI Investment„ Ltd can amend the current General terms and conditions for use at any time by posting a new version by indicating the date of the execution of the amendments and the date of entry into force. For services rendered prior to the date entry into force of the amendments, the regulations of the current General terms and conditions will be applied.

8. The Consumer/ User is obliged when using the provided access to internet based information system:

  • To observe the Bulgarian legislation, the current general terms and conditions and to conduct his/her behavior with good morals;

  • Not to interfere with the proper functioning of the system

  • Not to violate foreign property or non-property rights and immediately to notify “ THAI Investment” Ltd for any case of performed or found violation ;

  • Not to impersonate as another person or otherwise mislead others about his/her identity or affiliation to a certain group of people;

  • Not to perform malicious actions under the current General terms and conditions.

9. The Consumer/ User cannot retrieve, reproduce, delete, alter, distribute and otherwise disclose the information resources available on the website of

and to create his/her own database in electronic form or other of the information resources appurtenant to the database located on the website of “” without the explicit permission of “ THAI Investment “ Ltd.

V, Commercial messages

By accepting the current General terms and conditions, the Consumer/ User agrees the site to send messages to him/her with informational or advertising purpose in connection with the offers and promotions offered on the site.. 

  1. Applicable Law 

Any dispute concerning the operation of the current General terms and conditions for use of the site or their violation, including the disputes and disagreement regarding the validity, the interpretation, the termination, the performance or the failure of the obligations of the parties, shall be settled by the parties amicably. On failing of reaching agreement, the dispute will be referred to the relevant competent court in Sofia under the civil procedure code.

Decision by a competent court or amendment of legislation, which makes any provision of the current General Terms and conditions for using the site invalid, void or unenforceable, will apply only to this condition and will not make another provision invalid, void or unenforceable and all the other conditions will remain in full force and effect unless it is significantly by the amendment .

For all outstanding issues , the provisions of Bulgarian Civil Law are being applied.

By ticking against the General terms and conditions of “ THAI Investment” Ltd the CONSUMER/USER declares that he/she is familiar with the current General terms and conditions and accepts them unconditionally and undertakes to comply with them.

The current General terms and conditions and the contract of the Consumer/ User with “ THAI Investment” Ltd are terminated in the following events: 

  • On termination and declaration of insolvency or bankruptcy of one of the parties; 

  • On mutual consent of the parties in written; 

  • Unilaterally, with notice by either parties in the event of default of the other party ; 

  • On objective inability of any of the parties to perform their obligations; 

  • On seizure or sealing the equipment from state authorities; 

  • In the vent of cancellation of the registration of Consumer/ User in the information platform. In this event the contracted but outstanding contracts of sale shall remain valid and enforceable; 

  • In the event of exercising the rights of withdrawal pursuant to article 55, paragraph 1 from the Law for protecting the Consumer/ User.

    The usage of the internet portal by you constitutes acceptance by you of all terms, conditions and guidlines.

The current General conditions and regulations for customer service of “ THAI Investment” Ltd ,repealed all previous ones and are in force on the day of their publication on 01.01.2016